Autumn News Letter

Emilia Martensson-Autumn News Letter
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Dear Friends,

I am now back in London after having spent most of the summer in my Mother’s birth town Izola in Slovenia. While I was there I spent most of my days researching Slovenian Folk Tales and writing new songs for my next project ‘Chapter One Hundred and a Dream’, which features Slovenian Accordion player Janez Dovcand Brazilian percussionist Adriano Adewale. 

I am very happy to announce that I was awarded The ‘Women Make Music’Funding Scheme by PRS to develop this project.

The trio will be performing material from this new project for the first time in November at The Wigmore Hall as Part of the EFG London Jazz Festival. (See below for details and dates).

So far 2015 has been a year full of great projects and opportunities. I am very fortunate to be a ‘Take Five Artist’ this year, (‘Take Five’ is the Artist development scheme delivered by international music producers Serious), as this has led to many new ideas and possibilities.  I was also awarded the Jazz Shuttle funding scheme, which is a Anglo/French artist collaboration project, which enabled me to collaborate with French Pianist Eric Legnini. (London Dates coming up).

I also had the great honour and privilege to be involved in Iain Ballamy’s new project ‘An Apes Progress’, which was launched at the Manchester Jazz Festival this summer. This project featured some of my favourites artists, poets and musicians. Read more about this project here and come along to our next performance this October in Manchester!

I’ll be hiding away most of October writing songs! However, I really wish to see you all in November for some exciting new collaborations and gigs, the main one being the launch of ‘Chapter 100 and a Dream’. (Please scroll down for the introduction to this new project). 

Performance Highlights coming up: 
22nd of October
An Ape’s Progress (Iain Ballamy) The Whithworth Art gallery, Manchester
10th of November
Launch of ‘Chapter 100 and a Dream, Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Launch of ‘Chapter 100 and a Dream’ at The Wigmore Hall
London South Bank Centre-Seriously Talented Celebrates 10 years
The Rabbit Hole, Duke of Hamilton with Will Bartlett’s Mini Orchestra
Rich Mix with Mobo Award Winning Kairos 4tet
The Vortex- New Collaborations!!!

Lots of Love/Emilia 

‘Chapter One Hundred and A Dream’ is a body of new work composed and performed by Swedish Vocalist Emilia Martensson, Slovenian Accordion Player Janez Dovc and Brazilian Percussionist Adriano Adewale.  In their attempt to weave together these three different folkloric cultures, the ensemble has explored the breadth and depth of storytelling from each country and the different approaches to musical form and texture.

All three members of the ensemble are highly experienced improvisers and well versed in the traditional music of their respective countries. The approach to the material brings together all their experience from their musical heritage as well as their various musical endeavours as working musicians plus a modern twist using traditional instrumentation as well as electronics.

Me and Janez meet and jam for the first time.

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