Awarded the ‘PRS Women Make Music’ funding scheme!

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I am so proud and happy to announce that I have been awarded The ‘Women Make Music’ funding scheme by PRS Music Foundation for my next project.

My next project titled ‘Chapter 100 and a Dream’ features Slovenian Accordion Player and Composer Janez Dovc and Brazilian Percussionist Adriano Adewale. Our original compositions will incorporate musical influences and stories from our three different countries and the project will be launched in November at The Wigmore Hall as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival.

This is a project which I hold very close to my heart as it gives me the opportunity to dig deeper in to the folk traditions of my two heritages, Sweden and Slovenia.  To work with an accordion player has always been a dream of mine and I never thought that I would be given the chance to work with Slovenia’s top accordion player Janez Dovc! I have also always loved singing Brazilian influenced music and I will never forget my time in Brazil. Working with Adriano Adewale for the last 3 years has been like a heavenly dream and I am so excited to explore new ways in how to fuse our different influences and sounds together in order to create a new set of original compositions.

Stay tuned for more information about this but for now here is a taster: ‘När som jag var på mitt adertonde år’

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