Emilia Martensson New Trio Project

chapter 100 no10‘Chapter One Hundred and A Dream’ is a body of new work composed and performed by Swedish Vocalist Emilia Martensson, Slovenian Accordion Player Janez Dovc and Brazilian Percussionist Adriano Adewale.  In their attempt to weave together these three different folkloric cultures, the ensemble has explored the breadth and depth of storytelling from each country and the different approaches to musical form and texture.

All three members of the ensemble are highly experienced improvisers and well versed in the traditional music of their respective countries. The approach to the material brings together all their experience from their musical heritage as well as their various musical endeavours as working musicians plus a modern twist using traditional instrumentation as well as electronics.

Live at Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana

Emilia says:

I am so happy to announce that I will be recording a new album this Spring with a completely new project, which I have been developing during the last year. The project features Janez Dovc from Slovenia on Accordion and Electronics and Adriano Adewale from Brazil on Percussion. I received a commission from The London Jazz Festival to perform a set of original music at The Wigmore Hall and decided I wanted these compositions to be based on old Folk Stories from our 3 countries, Sweden, Slovenia and Brazil. The project was named ‘Chapter One Hundred and a Dream’ for this commission and short after I was also rewarded the ‘Women Make Music’ Funding Scheme brought forward by PRSF which has helped me to develop this project further.

This project has now turned in to a new solid Trio and we will soon be announcing our name!! We will be making our first Album together in April, which will be released later in the year on the London based label, ‘Two Rivers’.  




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