New single ‘THERE’ (Reversed Lullaby) OUT NOW on Babel Label

My new single ‘THERE’ (Reversed Lullaby) is available to purchase here! 
Written by myself and Luca Boscagin. 
Produced by Chris Hyson
Recorded and mixed by Alex Bonney
Features: Fulvio Sigurta, Sam Lasserson and Adriano Adewale

‘THERE’ is inspired by the answers to 4 questions I asked my audiences during a 6 month period. 
1. If you could describe your mother with one word, what would that word be? 
2. What is the most important lesson your mother has thought you? 
3. Is there anything you regret in terms of your relationship to your mother? 
4. Do you have a specific memory or story about your mother you’d like to share?

Thanks to everyone who replied with their beautiful thoughts, memories and observations! Can you find your answers in the song? 😉

Love <3

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