New Trio Project/Video Preview



Dear Friends,

It is exactly a year ago now that a new idea for a project started to develop in my mind. I had been working with Janez Dovc on and off for about a year at this point, an incredible accordion player and composer from Slovenia.

Being half Slovene myself and having grown up with a Grandfather who always played Slovenian accordion music in the car whilst driving me to my many different music lessons as a child, I’d always dreamt about working with an accordionist. Collaborating with Janez who is one of Slovenia’s top accordion players was for sure like a dream come true. For both me and my Granddad!


I had the pleasure of introducing yet another amazing musician to my Granddad a few years ago. Adriano Adewale is a London based percussionist and composer from Brazil who worked with me on my latest album ‘Ana’. Working with Adriano is always so exciting. I love his approach to music and how he always goes looking for the truth and honesty in the music and always seems to find it. I believe my Grandfather’s first words to Adriano after having heard him play for the first time was -“When you hit those things you make art!” Haha!


Putting the three of us together in an attempt to blend our different cultural and musical backgrounds together through original compositions seemed like an exciting thing to do. Our main inspiration source whilst creating this new set of music was folk music and folk tales from our three different countries. These new songs also contains open sections for improvisation with the intention of creating something new each time we perform this material. It has also been exciting to combine a more modern approach with the use of electronics together with a more traditional approach and use of traditional instruments.


So far it has been a very exciting journey and one I’ve learnt so much from.

I am very grateful to PRSF for funding this project through their ‘Women Make Music’ Scheme. Their support has enabled me to develop this project to where it is right now and I am excited to say that we are escaping to Wales for 4 days in April to record our first album together as a Trio. (We will be announcing the name for the Trio soon!!)


The album will be coming out in September this year on ‘Two Rivers Records’ and will be produced by Chris Hyson and Recorded by Alex Killpatrick at The Giant Wafer Studios in Wales.


I look forward to sharing it with you! For now here is a preview video! I hope you will enjoy!



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