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The Jazz Breakfast Review

“There is a lovely feel to the whole album with lots of space in Alex Bonney’s recording for Mårtensson’s smoky tones to swirl about  unhindered. And that theme, including a return of the title tune later on, gives it great cohesion while still leaving room for variation. So Joe Henderson’s Black Narcissus, to which she adds her own lyrics, gives Mårtensson the chance to take flight and swing at the same time, and Paul Simon’s Everything Put Together Falls Apart reflects her love of the great ’70s singer-songwriters…”

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Jazzwise Feature

“With a jazz-edged mix of her native Sweden’s folk songs and classic singer-songwriter sensibilities, Emilia Mårtensson has become one of the most distinctive singers on the UK scene in recent years. First gaining attention through her ongoing work with the award-winning Kairos 4tet, and now back with her self-assured and shimmering second solo album, Ana, the effervescent singer talks to Peter Quinn about her love of the dark side of her folkloric roots and her highly personal take on bringing the art of song and jazz together…”

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All About Jazz Review

“…Skillfully arranged with artful touches by The Fable String Quartet, the music is immediately enchanting, bewitching, and approachable. The title track, written for her Slovenian grandmother is a melancholy ballad of remembrance woven with a tinge of kinfolk sound. Mårtensson is a fan of 1970s pop covering, as she did on her previous disc, Paul Simon. Here it is “Everything Put Together Falls Apart” delivered in a spoken/sung bluesy manner not unlike that of Rickie Lee Jones with Green and Brazilian percussionist Adriano Adewale flavouring the blues with authentic spices…”

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“…I’ll take impeccable taste in vocal styling over histrionic showboating any day of the week, so if you’re anything like me you’ll find Emilia Mårtensson’s sophomore album Ana, which follows 2012’s And So It Goes… debut with forty-one minutes of new material by the London-based, Swedish singer, very much to your liking….”

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“We couldn’t in good conscience sign off this issue without singing the praises of the gorgeous second album from Emilia Martensson, released on the 7th April on Babel…”

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Emilia Martensson & Barry Green – And So I Goes…

The Guardian

“…Martensson invests every sound with a skimming, rapturous lightness and clarity, and Green demonstrates a cool individuality within familiar Bill Evans-to-Jarrett territory. ”

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The Jazz Breakfast

“..A thoughtful and charming album with loads more riches to be revealed over repeated listening.”

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Press Coverage of Emilia

The Guardian: New Faces of Jazz

It was on Kairos 4tet’s debut album, Kairos Moment, that I first heard the wraith-like voice of Emilia Martensson. The combination was quite magical. Since then, she has released her own album. Apart from her vocal talent, she has a wonderfully unconventional choice of songs…

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“Exquisitely beautiful songs… Martensson has struck gold.” – JAZZWISE
“…a voice of quite remarkable expressive depth” – JAZZWISE
“…the music is immediately enchanting, bewitching, and approachable…”  – AllAboutJazz
“…the album is a thing of simple beauty…what really impresses is a talent for story telling and for drawing the listener in…taste-makers take note!” – JazzUK

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